Ab the Flagman

Roger Lee Ivens earned his nickname, Ab, by inquiring from an elementary school teacher the meaning of the word abstract. Paired with his interest in creating flags from discarded wood, you have a fitting artist's moniker, Ab the Flagman. Born into a military family and raised in Georgia, Ab became enamored with the American flag at a young age. When he was seven, his father died and the flag that draped the coffin took on new meaning.

Like many folk artists, Ab uses found objects, often uncovering his materials in the old mills and factories surrounding his home. In addition to flags, Ab has expanded his repertoire to include eagles, Indians, the Statue of Liberty, and mythological Atlas.

Ab's work is found in numerous public and private collections, including the House of Blues, the Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. He was commissioned by the Atlanta Olympic Committee to make several large scale flags to hang in the Olympic Village.

Ab the Flagman Folk Art

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