Dianne Waldron

When Dianne first picked up a handful of craft clay in 2006, she had no idea her casual interest would lead to publication in a national magazine. Her sense of whimsy and focus on details just seem to draw fans instantaneously, and her work is garnering attention in magazines like Prims.

She has always had an interest in creative pursuits, going back to her twenties when she did needlework, embroidery, and sewing projects to feather her nest. Growing up in Maryland, she received plenty of encouragement from her parents.

Her inspirations now are from other artists and folks like Tim Burton, who is known for his offbeat characters and playuful sense of imagination. She loves working in clay and finding vintage fabrics and ephemera for her darling creations.

As the seasons change from Halloween to Christmas to Easter, Dianne can be found in her studio trying out new ideas and creating characters that make her smile.

“Ya gotta have fun!” is her motto these days. She makes it a point not to take herself too seriously and is thoroughly enjoying her evolution as an artist.

She makes her home in West Virginia with her husband Bruce.

Dianne Waldron Folk Art

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