John Petrey

For the past two decades, multi talented artist John Petrey has created art that stirs the emotions of the viewer. He is influenced by nature, art, and new technology. As a keen observer of the world around him, he draws on myriad sources for his inspirations. His work ranges from the whimsical to the deeply symbolic.

Throughout his career, he has done stints as a photographer as well as working in the film industry building elaborate sets. With a full time job, John's interests in building art furniture, creating art, and restoring vintage motorcycles were done in his spare time. Then, in 2003, John decided to devote himself full time to his passion of sculpture. His current series of sculptures features unusual materials shaped into the very recognizable dress form. He utilizes found materials like barnwood scraps and re-purposes common elements like bottlecaps and yardsticks.

John makes Tennessee his home and his work has been shown in galleries and festivals throughout the country and is in private and corporate collections.

John Petrey Folk Art

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