Midge Baudouin and Allison Stilwell

Midge Baudouin (on left) and Allison Stilwell each found their own special road to creativity.

Stilwell’s twenty years of experience as a fiber artist brings new heights and vision by incorporating recycled material and silk-screened fabric with a touch of humor and politics. She is a nationally recognized fiber and mixed media artist. Allison is a published artist and has appeared in magazines such as Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors and Art Doll Quarterly.

Emerging artist Midge Baudouin, spent 45 years building an incredible career in the arts and crafts industry. Baudouin spent most of her life in front of spreadsheets and calculators, traveling from airport to airport as VP of Sales and Marketing, making big deals across the country. She now follows her bliss, stitching and creating.

When they are not practicing being fearless artists, they spend their time gardening, cooking healthy food, trying not to come up with an excuse not to exercise, enjoying the beauty of coastal Florida, missing far away family and being grateful for their abundant life.

Midge Baudouin and Allison Stilwell Folk Art

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