Mike Melone

Mike Melone was born and raised in the cold winters and humid summers of St. Louis, Missouri. In the 1970's, Mike worked in a metal foundry there. He has taken his practical workaday skills and turned them into a creative hobby that brings him, and fans of his quirky metal sculptures, great pleasure.

His creative and humorous metal work began with garden sculptures as a hobby in his garage. No longer relegated to the garage, Mike works in a studio now where each piece is created with recycled iron, metal and imagination.

Mike likes to use previously functional pieces that he converts into artistic creations. Some examples would be anything from a 1930's hole punch, a 1940's weight scale, 1930's/40's block and tackle, fence posts, a pitch fork, a trailer hitch, and saw blades to name a few.

He relocated with his family to Florida in 1994 and he resides there today.

Mike Melone Folk Art

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