Carl Knickerbocker

Painting under the self described title of a "suburban primitive," Carl Knickerbocker creates pieces that comment on everything from politics, pop culture, and the overdevelopment of his Central Florida home. Working on a variety of surfaces, from large scale canvases to his beloved art cars, Knickerbocker has an interesting repertoire of icons that include UFO's, orange trees, flying armadillos, flamingos surrounded by cookie cutter houses, and "gatorman" a hybrid alligator with a human head.

Born in a small town in upstate New York, he relocated to an orange grove in Oviedo, Florida in 1970. His art career began in 1984 and it took several years of experimenting before he came up with his suburban primitive style that features a bright color palette and a bold commentary on popular culture.

Carl has had numerous group and individual shows, has been a State of Florida and United Arts of Central Florida Individual Artist Grantee, and a participant in the Art in Embassies Program. You might see Carl at special events in his remarkable Honda Element art car which he has covered in magnetic panels featuring his flying armadillos, pink flamingos, orange trees, and "gatorman."

Carl Knickerbocker Folk Art

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