Jane Theis

After a lifetime of concern about painting, without formal training, Jane finally picked up a paintbrush and "just got started". She works rather quickly as if all the years of merely pondering the possibilities fuels an urgency to complete each piece.

 A "moonchild" by birth, she prefers to paint in the bewitching moon time between darkness and light.

 The anatomical intrigues of the female face and form beckon her painterly translations. Enlightening expressions from her 1950's era childhood have been a recent incentive for a new series.......she remains convinced her mother indeed has "eyes in the back of her head"!

 She is most delighted to have found an inspiring niche within the exciting, diverse expressions of the folk art scene. Her work may be found in galleries in Florida and Tennessee or any number of folk art fairs including her favorite one at The House of Blues in Orlando.

Jane Theis Folk Art

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