Jim Shores

Jim Shores is a self taught artist who resides in Rome, Georgia. He creates sculpture, assemblage and environmental art from found objects. Jim learned at an early age to make do with what was on hand. His parents operated a garage that serviced garbage trucks, and he found himself amazed at the amount of things that people throw away. He decided to do something with found treasure. Jim thinks that playing with Mr. Potato Head had a direct influence then and now on the "faces" that he makes. He also played with Slinky Dog, Rods & Spools, Erector Set and Mr. Machine, all of which relate in some way to his constructions of today.

Throughout the rest of his life he has remained interested in other people's "junk," which he continues to turn into spectacular pieces of folk art. After his fortieth birthday, Jim began taking his art hobby more seriously and decided to pursue it fully as a career. He ventured into an art gallery and received a very positive response to his work. This small step turned out to be life changing. One opportunity led to another and another to where Jim has been working as a full-time artist since 1996.

Jim Shores Folk Art

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