Lorraine Gendron

Making her home in Hahnville, Louisiana, Lorraine Gendron can't help but include the colorful life of the region in her work. "I just reflect on what I see. It is all here," she says.

Her wood cut-outs begin from a cardboard pattern of her own design. Once the wood is cut, she sands and then paints each one so that it is unique. Although patterns are repeated, no two are painted just alike. Her love of Louisiana culture (her adopted state since she was 11) comes through in her subjects: New Orleans musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, Second Line dancers, and also religious figures.

Lorraine is also known for her hand sculpted pieces which are formed from mud of the Mississippe River near her home.

Her work has been exhibited at the Louisiana State Museum, the New Orleans International Airport, and in the traveling show of the Louisiana Crafts Council. She was selected as one of 100 artists nationwide to paint an Easter Egg for display at the White House in 1985. She painted a New Orleans jazz band scene on her egg.

Lorraine Gendron Folk Art

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