Martin Cushman

Martin Cushman has been making pottery since 1997. Inspired by his native home of Florida, he decorates his pots with the beauty of nature. Both critters and flora find their way into his clay creations. Flamingos, owls, and water birds adorn trees draped in Spanish moss and moonlight. Mischievous bears and lounging alligators are also frequent subjects.

He is a fan and devoted collector of American Art Pottery and you will see that influence in his hand made pots, vases, and sculptures. He says, "Icouldn't afford to buy old pottery that I loved, so I decided to learn how to make them myself. Over a decade later and I'm still going at it, loving it and hating it."

He fancies himself an old time potter, like the ones who sold their wares at tourist attractions. His potter's wheel is mobile and he is known to spin funny tales while he demonstrates how to throw pots.

He has had work in solo and group shows at Lake Eustis Museum of Art. His work was included in the Crealde School of Art "Happy Returns: Crealde 40th Anniversary Homecoming" show for nine former students who are now making a living as professional artists.

Martin Cushman Folk Art

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