Midge Baudouin

Emerging artist Midge Baudouin, spent 45 years building an incredible career in the arts and crafts industry. Baudouin spent most of her life in front of spreadsheets and calculators, making big deals, and traveling. Now she is grateful to be following her bliss with needles, threads, fabrics, paints, saw, drill, hammer and tacks. She practices fearless artistry and loves to share her vision and style.


Her process comes from an organic, intuitive place with no set pattern or precise stitches. The needles and hands have a mind of their own and the social environment she creates in is reminiscent of a quilting bee.


Most of her materials are hand screened, painted or marked, trying to use every bit of paint and scraps. Hand stitching slow and grungy is the norm as well as raw edge patching and collage.


“I am influenced by children’s art, anything Picasso, Street Art, Gees Bend, Outsider Art and my forever mentor, collaborator and love Allison Stilwell who gently pointed me in this direction.”


“Jeanine Taylor discovered us in the alley way next door, out of the trunk of our car. Our lucky day!”


When she is not making a mess screening or stitching quietly, she can be found somewhere on the Space Coast casting a line in the ocean, hopeful for the big one.

Midge Baudouin Folk Art

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