Road Trips & Rare Finds

A favorite part of my business is going out into the field, visiting my artists and perhaps stumbling across a rare find. Heading down a country road with the cruising tunes on and the cooler stocked with egg salad sandwiches and cokes in a bottle sure makes for a delightful journey. On many a trip, I leave the gallery with an empty van and return loaded down with treasures.

One of the things that I find special about folk art is the unique story that accompanies each artist. My road trips allow me to visit with them in their homes and get a peek at the places where they create, which always lends insight into their work. This page of the online gallery will feature one of a kind rarities or early work by artists like Jake McCord, Ivy Billiot, Leonard Jones, R.A. Miller, The Beaver, Roy Ferdinand, Sybil Gibson, Charles Gillam, and Mose Tolliver. Check here often for new treasures from the road!