Ruby Williams

Dear Friends,

I’m dedicating this newsletter to a folk art friend in need, Ruby C. Williams. Ruby recently contacted her friends, customers and supporters for help. She and her family have lived off her land for generations. Freezes have ruined her vegetable income and she did not do well selling art at Kentuck nor other smaller art shows. Recently she was notified her land would be taken away because portions of back taxes haven’t been paid. She is unable to come up with the money and asked me to have a sale of her art in my gallery and on my website. At her request, I picked up some large early pieces she had been holding back for many years. She instructed me to “mark them down and sell them fast.”

My staff and I have adjusted the prices on my website to reflect Ruby’s wishes. Please email us if you have questions.

Jeanine Taylor
Owner/Director – Jeanine Taylor Folk Art/Gallery on First 


Ruby Williams Folk Art

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