Tracy Stilwell

Tracy has been combining fabrics, buttons, papers, threads, paints, politics, humor and any number of other materials for many years. Quilts, dolls, furniture, clothing, mixed media and jewelry with a twist have emerged from those efforts. She has exhibited and taught nationally, as well as across the pond. Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts and Art Doll Quarterly.

One of her favorite tasks is encouraging creative types to take a let loose, no worry, no judgement, no mistakes approach to their work!

 Working in the garden with girlfriend Sue is next on the list of loves! Digging, searching out cool plant material, moving plants, baby dolls and rocks, planting and tending containers, urging squash and tomatoes to progress, weeding, deadheading, caring for chickens, checking on fish, frogs and aquatic plants, watering and feeding and harvesting fill up many satisfying months.

 The characters used in this project have been floating around the gardens, in all seasons for up to 15 years. Having a great appreciation for the photo history of the gardens over the years, the dolls have become a rich, humorous and ever changing addition to the gardens’ visual development.

Tracy Stilwell Folk Art

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