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Jon Napoles was born in Ocala, Fl but grew up in Miami. After Hurricane Andrew ravaged the area, Jon moved with his family to Detroit before settling back in Lake County, Fl. His preferred medium is acrylic paint on reclaimed windows, which he paints in reverse (painting the foreground and top details of his subjects first from the backside of the glass). 

Jon’s style has garnered attention for its palpable punk/DIY spirit. Inspiration for his irreverent paintings can be found in annals of American subculture and bar life after hours. His art career began in 2012 as a way to get his brother out of hot water with a code enforcement agent. After being cited by an inspector for operating a bar in a space zoned for a gallery, Jon was summoned by his brother to swiftly supply art as a work around. Jon pried the windows off a dilapidated house he was in the process of renovating and started painting. 

His art has been showcased at the Orlando Museum of Art for a solo show, Devil City. He has enjoyed multiple sold out shows at the Mennello Museum of Art’s annual Indie Fest and Stardust Video and Coffee’s acclaimed Grandma Party Bazaar.

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