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Bone Man by Buddy Snipes

Bone Man by Buddy Snipes

SKU: 14x6x4

Medium: Paint on bones

Dimensions: 14x6x4

Sculpture does not stand on its own, can be rested on a ledge (see photo).


About Buddy Snipes:

The youngest of twelve children, James A. “Buddy” Snipes, was born in Macon County, Alabama on October 30, 1945. As a young child, Buddy began to make toys for himself and the other children in his neighborhood; he made wagons and wheelbarrows out of scrap lumber. 


While fixing broken furniture for other people to earn a living, he began to make things that he liked from signs, limbs, wire, horseshoes, roots – just about anything he could find. Most of his work consists of sculptural assemblages from different materials like lumber and tin framed with some of his found objects that spark his imagination.


“I sees something,” says Buddy, “and it just comes to me, and I goes and makes it.” Buddy Snipe’s work possess rhythmic improvisation and a peculiar narrative which connects the worlds of folk art in completely original ways.

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