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Butterfly Vase by Bailey Jack

Butterfly Vase by Bailey Jack


Medium: Acrylic on wood

Dimensions: 24"x 24"


About Bailey Jack:

Like many artists, Bailey Jack resides in a world of her own design. Her layered landscapes take form from the patterns of grassy fields, rows of crops, flower beds, and hills dotted with country homes that surround her studio in rural Georgia. A quilt of patterns and textures of a different sort can be found within her home studio that serves as additional inspiration for her delightful and autobiographical still life portraits.


Bailey Jack has a knack for taking the banal and reframing it into inspiration. Her Stay at Home series came to life at the height of the pandemic when the world shut down and we were all stuck at home. Her wildly upholstered collection of lush accent chairs became her subject matter as she waited out the proverbial storm.


Bailey graces each painting with unwavering admiration for the natural world and the richness of a well-nourished life. Her art has made appearances in Country Living Magazine, HGTV Dream Home, and a host of other shows in addition to being found in private and corporate collections throughout the US.


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