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Freedom Baby by Ruby C. Williams

Freedom Baby by Ruby C. Williams

Medium: Acrylic on wood

Dimensions: 15x30


About Ruby C. Williams:

Ruby Williams grew up in Bealsville, Florida - a community formed by freed slaves in the 1860's. It is these roots that form the stage for Ruby's produce stand and "walk in" gallery on State Road 60.

Ruby C. Williams art career began when a passer-by, Rodney Hardee, noticed her brightly painted signs advertising her fruits and vegetables. With the coaxing from him and others, this spiritual businesswoman, minister and grandmother embarked on the journey that has led her into classrooms, galleries and museums in Florida, as well as nationally. Recently Ruby illustrated a charming children's book titled, I Am Ruby.

"I've been ministering since I was a kid... I do everything from the bottom of my heart, whether shelling a bucket of beans or making a painting." Her brightly colored paintings speak her messages loudly and clearly. "...I like when people look at it and smile."

Ruby Williams was honored with a Florida Folk Life Award and was included in the show, "On Their Own - Selected Self-taught Artists" at the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum in Washington D.C.


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