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Green Rhinestone Eye Brooch by Céleste Mogador

Green Rhinestone Eye Brooch by Céleste Mogador


Medium: Emboridered thread, rhinestones

Dimensions: 3x4


About Pascale Nivet Bernetiere:


Pascale Nivet Bernetiere was born in Carhaix, at the heart of the Western French region called Brittany. She now works and lives in Rennes, still in Brittany. She starts her artist life under the name of Mademoiselle Héloïse. She HAnd-embroiders each unique piece.


Pascale likes to tinker with materials and tough herself how to embroider. It is all about perseverance and learning; "everything I create comes from mistakes" she confides. She likes to feel the needle entering the tissue as she works- untying, starting again and improving constantly. 


She works for hours, sometimes embroidering until "self-forgetfulness".

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