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Halloween at the Crest by Patty Bonner

Halloween at the Crest by Patty Bonner

SKU: pb-cn0921i

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 14x11

Fun fact: Patty Bonner resides in Ocala, Florida where the original Creature from the Black Lagoon was filmed.


About Patty Bonner:


Now living in the quiet rural town of Ocala, Florida, Patty Bonner paints memories of her life growing up in Salem, Ma. That’s where her love for autumn mornings, horror show double features and seasonal festivities was nourished. 

Patty begins each painting with a sketch and paints from the background to the foreground. With such intricate detailing, the viewer can often look on to her paintings and find something new with each glance. Frequently she depicts scenes of trick or treaters strolling down historic lanes but look again and you’ll find a ghost peering from the windows of the houses or a witch crossing a full moon on her broom. Her attention to minute details add an extra charming element to her precisely painted works.

Patty’s art has been featured at the Halloween Museum in Salem, MA as well as galleries in Nova Scotia. 

Her style is unique and yet reminiscent of Grandma Moses, Clementine Hunter, Matty Lou O’Kelly or Bernice Sims. All record their community life and, for me, evoke a nostalgic feeling of days gone by. Patty’s attention to detail draws the viewer in and often calls for another and another look. 

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