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Small Face Jug (5) by Wayne Hewell

Small Face Jug (5) by Wayne Hewell

Medium: Georgia clay, hand made glaze

Dimensions: 7x4x5

Face jugs had several purposes which could all be valid. Jugs with scary faces were for the liquids you couldn’t drink (i.e. kerosene) and to keep kids out of the moonshine. They were made as scary as possible for this purpose!



About Wayne Hewell:

Wayne Hewell is a 5th generation potter who mixes his own glazes and works in a studio along a dirt path leading to a chicken house in North Georgia. The Hewell family has been creating pottery for over 100 years. He uses wild clay from Georgia, fires in a home made wood-fired kiln a few paces from his studio, and uses Tobacco Spit or Alkaline glazes to create the greenish, runny surfaces on the jugs (specifically, Mr. Hewell uses garden lime to achieve the drippy glaze effect). 


Wayne often incorporates humor into the faces by adding grimaces, points to the ears, cigars, etc. He is also known for his swirlware, a process of combining two different clay bodies which result in an amazing striped effect.

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