Margaret Lewis by Bob Tooke

Margaret Lewis by Bob Tooke

SKU: bt-cn0321f

Medium: Paint on tin

Dimensions: 14x10


About the artist:

Bob Tooke was born and raised in Raceland, Louisiana. After graduating from high school, Bob attended several universities before moving to Germany where his art career flourished.


Early on, Bob cited Cezanne, van Gogh and other impressionist painters as influences until he discovered the art of Sam Doyle, Davis Butler and Earl Simmons. His focus shifted from classically refined modes of creation to a freer outsider approach. He describes his art as a “mash up using pop art and humor with crudeness and the non-sequitur.” Bob paints on tin and scrap metal that he finds throughout the his rural Louisiana town, Zwolle.


Bob is also one of the founding members of DM Bob and the Deficits, a garage-country band formerly based in Germany.