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Parrot by Anthony Pack

Parrot by Anthony Pack

Medium: wood carving

Dimensions: 4x15x13

Can be displayed on a tabletop or hang.


About Anthony Pack:

Combining basic woodworking skills, found objects and a quirky sense of humor, Anthony Pack tries to touch the inner child within people through his artwork. With his clever eye, Anthony sees the recycled materials he uses for what they could be, rather than be limited to their intended purpose. For instance, nails, screws, and washers might become eyes; springs become a mouth; rusty nails get a second life as hands or feet; and painted scrap lumber becomes the body of a figure.A Kentucky native, Anthony now resides in Kansas. He travels throughout the country attending art festivals and shows, relying on the emotional support of his wife and four cats to live the life of a creative mixed media artist.

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