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Periwinkle Face Jug by Carl Block

Periwinkle Face Jug by Carl Block

Medium: Glazed terra cotta

Dimensions: 10x6x6


About Carl Block:

Carl Block has made art ever since he was a kid growing up in Richardson, Tx. With a cool demeanor and a clear mind, Carl prefers to channel a Zen like meditative state and never starts with a sketch, but rather allows the muse to take the reigns of creative control. Carl dials into the Keith Richards school of thought on art and inspiration, “I’m just the antenna and I’m just trying to receive it…”


His wheel thrown terracotta face jugs are a visual departure from traditional Southern face jugs. Bold colored glazes are utilized over the more subdued tones of pottery found in the Carolinas. The vibrant colors typical of Mexican pottery are undoubtedly a strong influence over Carl’s palette.


Currently, Carl Block resides in Waxahachie, TX where he is a prominent member of his local chapter of Oddfellows. When he’s not meditating over his pottery, he can be found biking around his town, playing music, traveling, or helping to plan the next Oddfest (an art and music festival with a goal to raise funds to maintain the historic building that houses the Waxahachie Oddfellows). You can find his work in galleries and private collections throughout the US.

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