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Red Fields

Red Fields

SKU: AF-CN030108I

Red Fields is adorned with a metal arm crank that puts the whole piece in motion.


Adam uses a plasma torch or acetylene torch to get different effects in his metal work, like the fine lines that set off the red fields here.


All materials for his metal sculputures are reclaimed metal scraps found in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


  • Dimensions: 21in x 29in x 5in
  • Medium: Metal
  • Item: AF-CN030108I


About Adam Farrington:

A native of the Empire State, Adam Farrington 

received creative encouragement as a youngster from his artistic parents. His father is a calligrapher and his mother is a potter, so early exposure to art compelled him to work on his own projects from a young age. He recalls making "flood towers" when he was six on the family's property in upstate New York. He still enjoys making stuff in his studio home near the French Quarter in New Orleans and spends most of his creative time working with sheet metal. 

When asked about his current inspirations and materials, Adam says "I'm inspired by junk, I like society's cast offs, and the idea that obsolescence is just a lack of context."

One of the elements of folk art that appeals most to Adam is that "it's oblivious of all the false barriers" that surround more formal or traditional arts. You will see a mixture of new sheet metal along with salvaged pieces in Adam's work.

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