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Tahitian Woman by Rudy Bostic

Tahitian Woman by Rudy Bostic

SKU: RB-CNHM070511b

The native woman is a departure from Rudy's usual subject matter of Bible scenes.

  • Dimensions: 20in x 22in
  • Medium: Paint on cardboard
  • Item: RB-CNHM070511b


About Rudolph Bostic:

Born in Savannah, Georgia, Rudy Bostic had few toys as a young boy. As a result, he resorted to cutting out his own cowboys and horses. At the age of 17, Rudy was asked to produce some religious paintings to be displayed in the church. To save on expense, he used cardboard and house paint. 

Today, Rudy is a prolific artist who still prefers to use cardboard because of its smooth surface. He usually uses enamel or house paint to produce his vibrant mythical and biblical images, as well as his images of popular culture that he sees on television. He finishes each one with a coat of varnish. 

Rudy is gaining recognition as a talented self-taught folk artist and his paintings are included in the collection of The Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando.

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