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Tea Time by Melissa Menzer

Tea Time by Melissa Menzer

Medium: Mixed media, hand sculpted bird, tea cup, vintage costume jewelry

Dimensions: 2x3x3


About Melissa Menzer:

Melissa loves to scour flea markets and second hand stores for the items that make her sculpted personalities truly one of a kind.  For as long as she can remember, she has loved to sculpt people and animals out of clay.


Her imagination is her biggest talent. Melissa’s parents were artists and antiques dealers, so you can see their influence rubbing off in her nostalgic style. 


“Recycling antiques for the bodies of my assemblages gives me a way to honor an era when items were not just disposable, but were well made with care and craftsmanship.”


Each item is a unique work of art and Melissa’s titles often reflect her sense of humor.  She is positively giddy when talking about her work and her sense of fun in creating them comes with each piece.


“My artwork doesn’t make any political or social statements. It simply makes people happy.”

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