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Ab the Flagman

Ab Ivens is an American master whose work is in numerous publications, museums and major art collections including Microsoft, Atlanta's High Museum, the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando and numerous House of Blues venues.  He has appeared in exhibits... More »

Adam Farrington

A native of the Empire State, Adam Farrington received creative encouragement as a youngster from his artistic parents. His father is a calligrapher and his mother is a potter, so early exposure to art compelled him to work on his own projects from a young... More »

Alyne Harris

Born in 1943, Alyne Harris has lived in Gainesville, Florida virtually all of her life and is a distant relative of sculptor, Jesse Aaron. Harris has always felt the compulsion to create. As a child she would rather draw in the sand on the playground than play... More »

Anthony Pack

Combining basic woodworking skills, found objects and a quirky sense of humor, Anthony Pack tries to touch the inner child within people through his artwork. With his clever eye, Anthony sees the recycled materials he uses for what they could be, rather than... More »

Bailey Jack

During an exhausting career in the corporate world, full of paychecks and raises, Bailey Jack realized that earning a living wasn’t as soul-nourishing as she once thought. After visiting with a life coach, Bailey Jack decided to pursue her passion for art. [... More »

Bethanne Hill

 “I have always been drawn to rural landscapes. Growing up in Alabama with my family meant long, hot car trips, spent looking out the window as my parents pointed at the scenes which reminded them of their childhood homes in the farmland of southern Ohio... More »

Butch Anthony

As a curious boy, Butch Anthony spent countless hours exploring the fields and back roads of his Alabama home. Digging up bones, tin cans, old bottles, and fossils was good training for the soon to be artist. He developed a keen eye for finding stuff that others... More »

Carl Knickerbocker

Painting under the self described title of a "suburban primitive," Carl Knickerbocker creates pieces that comment on everything from politics, pop culture, and the overdevelopment of his Central Florida home. Working on a variety of surfaces, from large scale... More »