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5 Reasons Why Melissa Menzer’s Bejeweled Bird Workshop and Open Studio Session is a MUST Do!

1. Melissa Menzer!

This wacky artist is as generous as she is talented. You’ll see how her crazy brain works and leave with a smile on your face!

2. A Treasure Trove of Materials

Melissa visits Jeanine Taylor Folk Art armed with oodles of antique gears, pen nibs, fasteners, and much more! All attendees have access to Melissa’s arsenal that took a lifetime to assemble.

3. One on One Instruction

Having a max capacity for 14 people per workshop creates the opportunity for attendees to interact and gain knowledge directly from the artist. Melissa is here for each participant and ready to answer any questions and pass on valuable tricks of the trade.

4. An Hour of Play…

An hour lunchbreak in the middle of the day allows participants a chance to stroll beautiful Historic Downtown Sanford to find lunch at one of the award winning local restaurants.

5. Open Studio!

For those repeat Bird Bejewelers who have participated in past workshops, we have a treat for you: OPEN STUDIO! For the first time ever, Melissa will be your private coach. What project will you make?

***Seating is extremely limited! RSVP ahead of time by phone, in person, or***

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