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Meet Kimberly Dawn Crowder at the Opening Reception of Color Therapy!

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art is excited to reintroduce the art of Chattanooga, TN based self-taught artist, Kimberly Dawn Crowder. The artist has traveled from her home to Sanford, Florida to unveil a new collection of artwork entitled, Color Therapy. As the name suggests, Kimberly’s artistic practice provides her space to celebrate life, dream of the future, and heal.

Join us for the opening reception THIS SATURDAY from 6-8pm and meet

Kimberly Dawn Crowder in person!

Armed with an iridescent color palette, she turns her focus on things that inspire her: strong women, beauty found in nature, music, food, far off places she’s traveled to and even destinations she’s yet to go. Early on in her career, Howard Finster had taken Kimberly under his wing along with a small group of other artists whom he blessed with creative guidance. These formative years built a strong foundation for her creativity to blossom.

Creativity in Bloom Workshop with

Kimberly Dawn Crowder THIS Sunday!

We have a few spaces left for this one-day creative retreat where students will learn to paint their own sprawling palette tree. Kimberly will teach guests her signature palette painting technique using acrylic paint scrapings (or “paint skin”) from her used up palettes as foliage for a tree painted on 11x14 canvas board. All supplies will be provided.

This retreat will focus on the mind/body nourishment necessary for an artist to create. Guests will begin the day with a yoga session led by Mark Dodds, owner of District Yoga in Deland. Complimentary homemade refreshments will be served and available throughout the class.

To secure your spot, sign up online or call the gallery. 407-323-2774


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