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Melissa Menzer is our featured artist for July!

As the daughter of antique dealers from the northeast, Melissa Menzer's love of vintage finds nourishes her creative work today. You’ll notice some timely patriotic themes in her latest collection along with her signature surreal take on everyday moments.

Her penchant for antiques takes on environmental overtones and harkens back to a time when consumer goods were less single use and more built to last. “Recycling antiques for the bodies of my assemblages gives me a way to honor an era when items were not just disposable, but were well made with care and craftsmanship.” For the first time ever, we are making her Jars of Junk available for purchase online. These jars are filled with a pound of vintage trinkets rescued from eternity spent in a landfill; perfect fodder for creating.

You’ll also notice that Melissa will be joining us for an Heirloom Santa Workshop Series! The first workshop in the series will focus on Mini Santas (approximately 6 inches tall) scheduled for September. This workshop is the perfect precursor to her full-size (approximately 12 inches tall) Santa Workshop in October. There are a few key differences between the two sessions as the Mini Santa class is ideal for those who are new to Melissa’s workshops while the full-size Santa Workshop will go a step further in mastering sculpting skills and curating assemblages.

If you have questions or wish to sign up, give us a call! 407-323-2774

Spreading some community love!

We would like to introduce you to a local Sanford organization providing our community with free access to food, clothing, and a slew of other vital resources – The Picnic Project.

For those who don't know, this non-profit is run by a group of dedicated volunteers that serve our local community in almost every way – from providing a fully stocked food pantry to offering complimentary haircuts to liaising access to birth control, healthcare, and daycare.

One of the most needed items is men's clothing. As one of PP's volunteers put it "Women will go through their wardrobes but it's harder to get men to do the same." Local friends- ask your husbands, brothers, dads and anyone else who has unwanted men’s clothing to donate!

For the rest of the summer, Jeanine Taylor Folk Art will be holding a clothing drive. We will have a donation box here in our gallery to make it easy to participate.

Out of town friends- If you are not located in our area but with to help, please consider donating to the cause.


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