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About Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden was born back in 2001 when Jeanine teamed up with Apenberry's nursery to host a folk art show in their gorgeous gardens. A dose of beautiful art nestled in lush scenery was the antidote to widespread unease and sadness spurred by the 9/11 attacks.


Fast forward 19 years: the gallery had long established its new home in Downtown Sanford, COVID shut the world down, and we all needed something happy to look at. Art in the Garden was the first show we hosted after the long quarantine. This time the gardens came to us courtesy of Erin Schneider of Everly After Gardens. We filled the gallery with art, plants, and invited friends to share a happy moment (with 6 feet of space between us, of course).


The feedback was staggering and we decided to bring back the show every other year. The art always changes but the ethos remains. Surround yourself with uplifting art created by inspired people and soon your own spirit will follow suit. Enjoy!



Born on the gulf coast of Florida in Apalachicola, Cecel Allee lives each day with indomitable zeal and eyes wide open - ready to create. Her acrylic florals painted on deep wooden boxes are like wall mounted cakes, delicious! Cecel's finished works are the result of applying thick, icing-like layers of paint, letting it dry, painting another layer, removing a layer with a power sander, then adding another layer. She repeats this process until the piece is finished. Bon appetit!

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While the imagery in Kent Ambler's art is generally subject or object oriented, the visual appearance of each piece is of most importance to him. He works from an aesthetic and intuitive approach rather than a conceptual one. Some of his work is autobiographical while some is simply based on things that interest him, such as birds. 

Marian Baker Headshot.jpg


Residing in Alabama, Marian Baker is a contemporary folk artist donning a whimsical style. She spent her early years painting portraits from family photos. After 10 years of painting professionally, Marian continues to draw on her childhood memories in a playful way.

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Like many artists, Bailey Jack resides in a world of her own design. Her layered landscapes take form from the patterns of grassy fields, rows of crops, flower beds, and hills dotted with country homes that surround her studio in rural Georgia. A quilt of patterns and textures of a different sort can be found within her home studio that serves as additional inspiration for her delightful and autobiographical still life portraits.

mary proctor mural.jpg


To know Mary Proctor is to love her! Her work is bold, inspiring, and deeply spiritual. Mary was called to paint by God after surviving a tragic house fire that claimed the lives of several family members. Since that day, Mary has spent her entire life painting, preaching, and sharing messages of hope. Her work focuses on the beauty of friendship, self-love, and nature in all its glory.

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