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Butch Anthony

As a curious boy, Butch Anthony spent countless hours exploring the fields and back roads of his Alabama home. Digging up bones, tin cans, old bottles, and fossils was good training for the soon to be artist. He developed a keen eye for finding stuff that others overlooked. 

Anthony has made a name for himself by turning salvaged trash into treasures. Birds, fish, stingrays, and cats are just a few of his animal creations made of all manner of materials. From hogwire and scrap metal, he also fashions tables, lamps, and chairs that are suitable for the garden, porch, or indoors. 

Wearing overalls as his business suit, his homespun demeanor belies his wit, talent, and genius. When he's not assembling bits and pieces, he often illustrates on old sepia photographs and paints large scale circus side show banners. His Midas touch might be a little rusty, but that's just the way he likes it!


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