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Pat Juneau

Born in 1965 and raised in rural Louisiana, Pat Juneau recalls a childhood where making things was a natural response to being short on money. If you wanted something you couldn't afford, ingenuity paid off. His mother made quilts and clothes for the family and Pat soon put his own hands to good work. 

He has crafted objects of beauty in many media (including custom jewelry, leather and wood), but once he cut and painted metal, he knew he'd found the right thing. "It was like an a-ha experience when I painted bright colors on cut out metal. Art is like writing a story. You write what you know. My metal work just keeps evolving." 

Pat feels strongly that his work is a way of protecting and preserving his Louisiana roots. In many of his metal cut-outs, exuberant dancers and musicians reflect life to a Cajun beat. 

Pat's work has been purchased by numerous regional museums and is also in the personal collection of artist Robert Rauschenberg.

Pat Juneau Artist Cajun Art
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