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Tres Taylor

Tres Taylor was a biochemist for over 20 years. After interviewing R.A.  Miller, a Georgia folk artist, Taylor believes a paintbrush fell from the sky and he started to paint in 1999.  He paints about spiritual seeking.  He paints about love, Divine Love, peace, and joy.  His subjects are usually monks, couples, and houses, but always the subjects are symbols of love. 


Taylor’s medium is usually tarpaper.  The tarpaper enables him to draw freely, carving in a strong black line.  Frequently he uses layers of mud, sometimes Alabama red clay, that give his paintings a rich and yet raw texture.


Taylor has exhibited in Japan, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, and Pennsylvania.


“I am closest to God when I am painting.  He uses my hands to show my brothers and sisters what he has shown me, which is, when our hearts are free to love, then we will see and experience the world as Gerald Manley Hopkins once wrote, as being, “charged with the grandeur of God.”

Tres Taylor Art
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