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Leonard Jones

Leonard Jones paints memories of his rural childhood in Lincoln County, Georgia. Raised on a farm, Leonard spent his days helping tend to chores, looking after livestock, jumping rope, and grilling out. His deeply biographical paintings convey a relatable nostalgia and joyful snapshots of life.


Today, Leonard lives in a secluded tin-roofed cabin without running water or electricity, situated deep in the woods of eastern Georgia. His home is engulfed by a forest of centuries old trees rooted in red Georgia clay.


Like many folk artists, Leonard’s lack of classical training enhances his pure technique and yields an unflinching original style. His masterful ability to blend and meld vibrant oil-based house paint or enamel gives his subjects a graceful rhythm and movement. His canvas of choice is rescued tin scrap – a sharp, cold surface made lovingly warm by his imagery.


In his earlier years, Leonard traveled across the southeast and to New York City many times but now he prefers to stay close to home. Leonard’s work is collected by the likes of George W. Bush, Bruce Willis, the House of Blues, and is a highlight of many other private collections throughout the US.

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