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Lonnie and Twyla Money

Lonnie and Twyla Money were born and raised in the bucolic rolling hills of southeast Kentucky. This is where the husband and wife couple met, raised their family, farmed the land and eventually shifted gears to focus on their true calling: creating art.

Lonnie’s grandfather, Jacob Money, was a 19th century wood carver from Switzerland and his influence can be seen in the couple’s art – clean lines, bold patterns, elegant simplicity. Like many self-taught artists, Lonnie describes himself as being compelled to carve. Once his carving is complete and sanded, Mrs. Twyla Money steps in to add the stunning acrylic lacquer that makes each piece shine. 

Twyla’s distinctive style and paint palette lends each carving an unmistakable boldness. Her polka dotted patterns are used for a variety of fish, insects and birds. Stripes, swirls and splatters are a testament to Twyla’s meticulous attention to detail.


Click here to view an artist spotlight video with Lonnie and Twyla Money on our YouTube channel.

More artwork by Lonnie and Twyla coming soon for the opening reception of Into the Woods - August 20th!

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