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Marian Baker

Residing in Alabama, Marian Baker is a contemporary folk artist donning a whimsical style. She spent her early years painting portraits from family photos. After 10 years of painting professionally, Marian continues to draw on her childhood memories in a playful way.


Marian’s sense of humor prevails by incorporating seemingly random numbers in her paintings that allude to her fascination with lucky numbers. This peculiar trademark is rooted in an early painting featuring her lucky number 11. The painting was scoffed at by her husband and that is when she decided to feature numbers in her art to spite his opinion. Bold eccentricity alongside a colorful paint palette are what make up her signature style.


Besides drawing inspiration from family life, Marian finds many ideas from the materials she collects while on the road. Many of her paintings are framed in old screen-printing frames that she salvaged from a burned down warehouse. Collecting and incorporating these vintage elements adds a timeless value to her work and ultimately completes Marian’s intended expression for her art.


Over the years, people have increasingly recognized Marian Baker, featuring her work on several movies and tv programs. At least twenty-five pieces of Marian’s art are on display at the LeBonheur Children’s Hospital.

Marian Baker Headshot.jpg
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