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Good Catch: Recipes and Stories Celebrating the Best of Florida's Waters

Good Catch: Recipes and Stories Celebrating the Best of Florida's Waters

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“An invaluable source for seafood lovers everywhere, leaving you hungry to bring these inspired dishes into your own kitchen.”— Emeril Lagasse


“Not only is this a book to cook from, it’s a book from which to carve an understanding of Florida.”—Norman Van Aken


“Filled with beautiful photos, amazing recipes, and great stories, Good Catch exposes the real Florida.”—Stephanie Izard, winner of Top Chef Season 4, executive chef at Chicago’s Girl and the Goat, and author of Girl in the Kitchen


“Being a chef and native of South Florida, I am so proud to see a book using all of our bountiful delicacies. The recipes are delicious, and I love the use of classic ideas with modern twists.”— Michelle Bernstein, James Beard Foundation award-winning chef and author of Cuisine á Latina


“A book to be cherished and devoured! Good Catch is filled with tantalizing, easy-to- follow recipes.”—Susan Puckett, coauthor of Eat Drink Delta


“A deep treasure chest of seasonal coastal Florida recipes and intimate storytelling about the people who catch, cook, and serve the Sunshine State’s underwater bounty.”—Jeff Houck, food editor, Tampa Tribune


“A wonderful trip along coastal Florida, including well-known places and also some of Florida’s hidden treasures. The recipes show how seafood is enjoyed by the people who make their living on Florida’s most precious resource.”—John Solomon, president, Florida Seafood Festival


“Everything I look for in a Florida cookbook. Good Catch puts readers in the story and gives them the tools and background to make Florida seafood favorites as if they caught it themselves.”—Justin Timineri, executive chef/ culinary ambassador, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services



Surrounded by water on three sides with an inland maze of lakes, rivers, streams, and springs, Florida has a fishing culture unlike any other state and with it comes an abundance of delectable recipes. Following their award-winning Field to Feast: Recipes Celebrating Florida Farmers, Chefs, and Artisans, authors Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand, and Heather McPherson take readers on a journey to savor the bounty of the state’s countless waterways and bring these distinctly Floridian recipes from the sea to your table.

In Good Catch, the authors befriend the fishermen, the frog giggers, and the shrimpers whose pride in their hard work is near tangible and whose joy comes from spending time so close to nature. Their stories, evoking a way of life that has endured for generations, will transform you—if you have not been already—into a champion of local fishermen.

From amberjack to snook, f­rom roasted Apalachicola oysters to steamed spiny lobster from the Florida Keys—plus, all the accompanying starters, salads, and sides—Good Catch brings Sunshine State flavor into your kitchen.

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