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Lightnin' Hopkins by Kreg Yingst

Lightnin' Hopkins by Kreg Yingst

Medium: Woodblock print, custom frame

Dimensions: 11x11

Print Edition: 14/78


About Kreg Yingst:

Kreg Yingst received his BA from Trinity University in San Antonio (1983) after attending the University of Texas (1978-’80), and his MA in painting from Eastern Illinois University (1996). After graduation, he taught art for thirteen years and has been a full time artist since 2003.

Both a painter and a self-taught printmaker, his work predominately evolves from an idea-based or narrative concept. Through a series, or “body of work,” the subject matter is fleshed out in a personal vision. Those ideas change as his interests change.

His initial printmaking influences were the book illustrators and WPA artists of the 1930’s. All of his original works are created from carved blocks of wood, linoleum, or other materials, and printed onto paper, board, or wood using an antique Showcard proof press. The larger works are hand-burnished using the back of a spoon. Some of the images are printed multiple times with different blocks to create colored layers, or in some cases, are individually hand-painted using watercolor.

His work can be found in numerous international private and corporate collections, including Janus Corp., Denver, CO, Purdue University, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, and Pensacola State College.


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