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Love Freely by Kimberly Dawn Crowder

Love Freely by Kimberly Dawn Crowder

Medium: Acrylic on mdf, wood box

Dimensions: 24x36x2


About Kimberly Dawn Crowder: 

Tennessee based self-taught artist, Kimberly Dawn Crowder has led a life of creativity with inspiration found from a multitude of sources. Armed with an iridescent color palette, she turns her focus on things that inspire her: strong women, beauty found in nature, music, food, far off places she’s traveled to and even destinations she’s yet to go. 


Early on in her career, the late Howard Finster took Kimberly under his wing of encouragement at his world-renowned Paradise Gardens in Summerville, Ga. It was there Kimberly found a community of likeminded, emerging folk artists with a shared goal to live as creatively as possible. Her connection to community, spirituality, and playfulness continues to be a prevalent theme in her work and travels.


Untethered by painting, Kimberly has explored a variety of mediums: stained glass, decoupage, sculpture and more. Her unabashed love for the environment presents an opportunity to save and incorporate artistic fodder that was previously destined for the landfill. Kimberly’s keen eye and exuberant style lends society’s waste a new and beautiful lease on life.

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