Nancy & Gene Kruckemyer, Sanford, FL

Thank you, Jeanine, for letting some of your friends move in with us: from an angel on our fireplace watching over us, to a snarling Big Bad Wolf, to a monkey wearing a fez. We appreciate the variety of works you have gathered together from imaginative folk and contemporary artists, and creations from your gallery are in practically every room of our house. Sanford is a better — and more colorful — place with you and your gallery in our midst.

Beth and Greg Milliken, Ormond Beach, FL


Simply put, we think Jeanine Taylor has the best folk art gallery in the world! Outstanding art, expert advice, and super prices. And this is important to us: Jeanine clearly cares about her artists and her community. Jeanine and Mary are valued partners in the building of our collection; we are incredibly lucky to have them right here in central Florida.

Ruby C. Williams, Bealsville, FL


I met Jeanine Taylor some years ago and found her to be sophisticated and works with everyone. As for myself I would not want to work with anyone else. She is superb, sincere and honest. When you talk with her, you couldn't find a more decent or respectful person. She has made my artist life successful.

Charley Williams, Winter Park, FL


As we all know, folk art is one medium where you get more than what you hang on the wall: sometimes the stories about artist's unique rendering are just as valuable as the work itself: whimsical, joyful and always full of authentic heartsong! Jeanine Taylor knows how to listen to that heartsong as well as nurture its enjoyment for others. She has taken my appreciation to new levels... we are richer for it!

Kathleen Peters, Oviedo, FL


I love the relaxed "southern hospitality" of Jeanine Taylor Folk Art. I never feel intimidated at JTFA. Jeanine has been my art partner for many years - helping me to learn more about Folk Art, building my own personal collection and introducing me to many of the artists. I love the story behind folk art and the passion with which Jeanine shares her love of art with others.