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Theresa Disney Vitality (Presentation) (4).jpg

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art welcomes Theresa Disney for the gallery’s inaugural show of 2024 – Vitality. Disney will travel from her home in St. Louis to the unveil the show in person on Saturday, January 27th from 6-8pm. For one night only, the artist will be here in Sanford, Florida to share her inspiration and reconnect with collectors after a two-year absence.


As the name suggests, Vitality is breadth of work enriched with colors that are luminous, magical, and vivacious. The artist’s latest collection focuses on art as a means to heal and strengthen.


Rising early and working until exhaustion sets in, she goes to bed thankful and wakes up compelled to create. “It’s all healing and strength and power, energy…” says the artist who has overcome her share of obstacles. From house fires, divorce, cancer, loss, and open-heart surgery; Disney’s ability to remain grounded and grateful can be attributed to her prolific desire to create. She sows the seeds of beauty and sheds weary layers of hardship with each brushstroke.


Her work has appeared in several national publications and received numerous awards. Theresa Disney was included in an ancillary show to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center’s Uncommon Visions exhibition. For her one-of-a-kind creations, Disney was selected as an American Original by More magazine and her charming home/studio space has been featured in Country Home.

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