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Flora, Fauna, & Faces - A Revelry of Worldly Musings by Theresa Disney

Jan 19th, 2018 through Feb 18th, 2018

Flora, Fauna, and Faces is a celebration of Theresa Disney's own imperfections, the aging process, and the humor that can be found in the world around her.  Theresa explains, "I had a Rorschach moment when I looked down at my tar drop cloth and saw flowers in the paint splotches... More »

Welcome to Jeanine Taylor Folk Art

Jeanine Taylor Folk ArtMy vision is to celebrate the important contribution of southern folk art to our heritage.

By promoting contemporary folk artists like Butch Anthony, Cornbread, Ab the Flagman, Purvis Young, Michael Banks, Theresa Disney, Ruby Williams and making their art accessible to a wide market, the value increases for this original, unique art with a story.

Please enjoy the works of Ruby C. Williams, Mary Proctor, Alyne Harris and our other fine Florida artists. Whether you call it folk, outsider, visionary or self taught-it is all art!

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