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New Additions to Theresa Disney's Vitality Show!

From Theresa Disney's brilliant mind and open heart comes a new selection of art. Summery scenes of Florida wildlife, a springtime field brimming with flowers, furry companions, elegant florals, and more are now available on Pop over to our site to view her newest creations.

March Featured Artist - Pat Juneau, Coming Soon!

Pat Juneau has crafted objects of beauty in many media (including custom jewelry, leather and wood), but once he cut and painted metal, he knew he’d found the right thing. “It was like an a-ha experience when I painted bright colors on cut out metal. Art is like writing a story. You write what you know. My metal work just keeps evolving.”

Stay tuned in the coming days as we receive a wealth of new metal work from Pat and celebrate him as our Artist of the Month for March.


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