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A Visit From Michael Banks

Dear Folk Art Friends,

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art experienced a delightfully exciting visit from Michael Banks for the opening reception of his latest show - Chromophobia. I met Michael in early 2000 and immediately liked him personally and as an artist. I’ve watched him grow individually and professionally and I’m proud to call him a dear friend.

He immediately felt a strong sense of community when he was introduced to folk art by the late Georgene Clark, Visual Arts Program Manager with the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Michael immediately created excitement among other folk artists and collectors as they saw his art as a bridge to “outsider art” the term in vogue at the time for self taught, vernacular* artists. The difference was that Michael always knew he was an artist. He just hadn’t found his tribe.

Michael now enjoys a significant increase in demand for his art. With this development, he has won many honors and his work is collected by lovers of self-taught art, and by those with an interest in contemporary art, as well. I was proud to have him display with me at Art Basel-Miami and his work has been shown frequently at the Outsider Art Fair in New York.

I hope you will join us online or in the gallery for “Chromophobia” New Art by Michael Banks.

Artfully Yours,


*vernacular art - a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists. Naive art, outsider art, primitive art, self-taught art.

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