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Southern Gothic is on the Horizon...

Join Jeanine Taylor Folk Art for a group show with a wry lens focused on face jugs, folklore, haints, bottle trees, night creatures and other eccentricities found throughout the Deep South. Southern Gothic will showcase a wide array of topics and mediums with ten artists representing six states.

The show opens Saturday, September 30th from 6-8PM. Refreshments will be served!

The term Southern Gothic is usually attributed to literature, movies, music, and eccentric characters found in the deep south. Jeanine Taylor has asked ten artists to translate their interpretation of southern gothic into their chosen medium: wire sculpture, welded steel, acrylic paintings, and clay.

Participating artists:

Butch Anthony, Carl Block, Josh Cote, Bethanne Hill, Alyne Harris, David Hammock, Wayne Hewell, Bailey Jack, Rick Kilby, Jon Napoles, & Mike Ousley

A Southern Gothic Podcast featuring Mike Ousley

Are you into podcasts? Well, we have a recommendation for you! Our Numinous Nature describes itself as a "podcast in search of profound stories focused on regional flora & fauna, folklore & history with a penchant for the mysterious." They hit the nail on the Southern Gothic head with this episode featuring Mike Ousley discussing murder ballads, witches, haints, and devil dogs.

Give it a listen as we think it makes the perfect ancillary companion to our upcoming show, Southern Gothic (featuring Mike Ousley's artwork!).

Join us Saturday, October 7th for Melissa Menzer's Create Your Own Creature Workshop. This time the class takes on a special holiday theme! Which holiday? The choice is yours! This workshop is designed to allow students the creative freedom to pick their own subject matter while being provided group and one on one guidance. All supplies are included, and guests will have full access to Melissa’s abundant antique trinket collection to incorporate in their sculptures.

Give us a call to sign up or click here to learn more.



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