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Road Trip Spring 2024

A few days ago we had the chance to sneak away from the gallery and hit the open road on a quest to visit with artists and bring back a new selection of fresh folk art.


Our first stop was at John “Cornbread” Anderson’s home studio. We chatted for a while on such subjects as snapping turtles, crossing county lines without your parents finding out, and home remedies for seasonal allergies. He was kind enough to share a swig of home made peach brandy which really opened our sinuses.


Next we were off to Wayne Hewell’s farm and pottery studio. As usual, we were greeted by his darling dogs, Jelly and Slash. They led us to his barn where we picked out a fabulous selection of crocks, bird houses, face jugs, and wedding jugs.


Our final stop on our whirlwind Georgia tour was with Leonard Jones in Lincolnton. Leonard lives in country cabin with a tin roof perched upon red Georgia clay and nestled in a centuries old forest about 20 miles from anything in either direction. It’s been over 25 years since Jeanine had seen Leonard and she is thrilled to feature his lively paintings on salvaged tin at the gallery. 


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