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ReMastered with Trent Manning

We are looking forward to hosting Trent Manning for a pop-up show November 7 - 9. The show falls on what is traditionally the Festival of the Masters weekend at Downtown Disney. Due to construction, the 2014 festival (and the House of Blues show) has been cancelled. So we're making lemonade out of lemons!

Trent is working like a mad man to create new work for the show and promises to deliver his trademark brand of humor, quirk, edginess, and child like wonder.

In choosing ReMastered as his theme, he is referencing the magic that happens when audio files are improved for listening pleasure. He thinks of his sculptures as the visual art version of re-mastering the old, discarded flotsam of our lives.

Be sure to join us for the Artist's Talk at 2pm on Saturday, Nov. 8.

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