An Eventful Weekend to Come!

Opening Reception: Saturday 1/29, 6-9PM Show Run: 1/29 - 2/27/2022 Spirit & Soul will be visible on JTFOLKART.COM Saturday 1/29. Welcome Back Theresa Disney! Spirit & Soul, Theresa’s chosen title rings so true - she has always followed her heart as long as I have known her, both in her personal life and as an artist. As Theresa reminded me, we met at an early Folk Fest in Norcross, Ga. We were both holding on to the ideal “do what you love” and hoping the second part of that axiom would provide us with secure footing as we moved forward. I was instantly attracted to the utter abandon in her subject matter and medium. Theresa often recalls the need to leave art school as she foresaw her style being diluted by conventional instruction. She prefers working large and extra large, often incorporating handmade frames that further enhance her composition. Once again, COVID has p